How does Manchester United earn?

It would be a lil bit worthless if we don’t make a visit to one of Football Arenas when we are in UK. Yes we made two, Chelsea and MU. We walked through the outside stadium area of Stamford Bridge, did some shoppings at its official marchendise store and of course took several photographs. But, there was something more special when we were at the Manchaster United’s Old Trafford. Not only doing the stadium and museum tour, we also sat in a class! Woa what did we learn about??!!

The class was about The Football Business of MU. Could you guys imagine, this world leading football club had raised for almost £600 million in 2017! That’s fantastic isnt it? Still wondering how could MU earn that multimillion pounds? Let’s dig deeper.

From above mentioned value, 48% of it which the biggest portion was coming from commercial sectors. They had raised for about £276 million fund in 2017. This stat followed by the second and third largest sectors which were broadcasting 33% and matchday 19%.

So the question is, what were the drivers behind the commercial sector? One of them was the sponsors. Adidas, AON and Chevrolet are the big three sponsors of MU until today. You might have seen that their logo is literally everywhere. These sponsors provided most of the MU facilites, especially the renovation of the stadium and practice facilities.

Not only from sponsors, MU also earned by selling its official marchendaises like Jerseys, Hat, Scrafs and so on.

One thing about interesting fact, that eventhough MU is based on UK, the biggest Fanbase is actually from Asian Countries. So, have you guys purchased an MU Official Jersey? Alright, congratulations you have made a contribution to the MU’s revenue 😉!


The Story of Brands

Every brand has its own story. As its founders started to create a product they were also thinking the philosophy of it, which was expressed in the form of name, colours and shape. Those elements are merged into one thing that we call brand.

On our last day in london, we visited The Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising. This is the house of 12,000 collections of packagings, posters, products and fashions. It was founded by Robert Opie. He has been collecting product and things for more than a hundred years. All of those collections are arranged and displayed in the form of what they called “time tunnel”. Time tunnel arranges all the collection in cronological time format, starting from the Victorian year until today.

Not only to staring at those collections, we also had a workshop class of how to design an effective packaging design that would potentially be success on the market (your targeted customer). We were asked to freely choose one brand to be figured out about its kind of product, choice of packaging material, the written font and even the tagline. It was not just about the product, but we had to understand whom this product gonna be sold, is he a student, or is she a mother of two daughters. Would he buy the product in a supermarket or online store. Would the mother be willing to pay much for the product or not. They were the questions that we used to identify the “persona” of customer of the product.

After getting more understanding about both product and its customer, it’s time for us to design our own personalized product as well as determining the new targeted customer. I picked one brand, it was Cussons Imperial Leather – a british signature talcum powder.

From year to year there was no significant change regarding the way Cussons giving a touch to one of its well-known product. The shape of the bottle, also the colors and font selection of the brand. However there was a change on the material of the bottle, from using thin alumunium at its first launch to the use of plastic bottle in the mean time. There was also a change in the cap design, from a spiral rotating mechanism to the flipping mechanism and go back again to rotating mechanism for now. So, it’s time for me to design my all new varian of Cussons Imperial Leather. It’s coming for your lovely baby!

Because our new product is for baby, I’m expecting that our new target buyer would be a mom. And dont forget that Imperial Leather has been a legendary and known as the high-end kind of powder, so we should set her as the “socialitized mom” or in Bahasa we might call her “mama sosialita” who is very wealthy. I called her Sarah, and she’s working as Marketing Manager of a Bank in London. Sarah used to shop in Online Store because she doesn’t have time to walk to supermarket. She’s so picky in term of choosing the best product for her baby. Also, she tends to choose the line of product that has been a selection of her family since ever, which is Cussons.

I designed a sleek and handy shape for the bottle to make it comfortable to be gripped, I chose white as the main color for the packaging to make a soft and gentle sense along with a pink heart in the middle of the bottle showing the love for baby. I picked the flipping mechanism for the cap because it’s more simple. And yeah, here’s our brand new Imperial Leather for Baby.

That’s all about how we were doing the workshop. I got a lot of insights and inspirations of how actually a brand works. It is really centered to your customer. The color of packaging, the material, the logo, the slogan, even the price are really dependent on who is your customer.

Zooming in The Lens

My very first word after coming to this city was “wow”. London has amazed me. Almost every corner was breathtakingly beautiful. The architecture, the walls, the sky, the road, red buses and the most authentic, red telephone boxes.

This city is just that different from my beloved Jakarta city, or even any city in Indonesia. You know, I’m not talking about the traffic. Even it was not as crowded as Jakarta, but I had been stucked for about 20 minutes when I was on my way to the Museum of Brands. However, it’s actually about the landscape of the city. Every spot was just like the images on google. There’s no need for you to hand a Canon 5D or a Leica, just open your smartphone camera, then it would capture a pretty shot that’s comparable with the result from those high-end cameras.

We had a smartphone photography workshop on our last day in London. We walked through the Travalgar Square, White Hall, Parliament Square and of course the Big Ban. Unfortunately, Big Ban is currently being retouched so it is wrapped and just one side of its showing the giant clock while the others are also covered. This work would be finished in 2021, so one of my wishes was I should be there again in 2022. Amin.

I learned several photography techniques during the workshop. Starting from how to shoot an iconic object around you. No need to move your feet, just stand still and let your eyes stalking around. At that moment I saw the statue of travalgar monument, a water fountain in the middle front of national gallery, the legendary national gallery building itself with its remarkable pillars. Accross them there were underground entrance, some intersections that showed the business of vehicles.


When you are standing in one point with a lot of objects surround, one technique you could do is to zoom them in. By zooming in, you’ll get closer to particular objects that is going to be your main object in a frame. Besides, by using zoom in you could also get the detail of every object, even the very tiny part like capturing the bee while it’s on a sunflower, the eyes of a swan and a small flower of plant.



The second technique was how to capture a photograph that has a meaning about it. When we were walking through the white hall (the castle for Buckingham Palace’s guards), there was a field behind it. At that moment, there was an event of 100 year’s celebration for British Air Force. Several helicopters and fighters were presented there. When i was looking around, the workshop instructor told me like “look at that point, you can shoot that plane’s tale, the flag, the statue and the top of the castle in a frame”, then se continued saying “it’s just once in a year to se a plane’s tale among those objects”.



From those techniques I could learn that photography is not only about aligning your lens then pressing the shutter button. It’s about “creating a story” of the moment. Let’s say you and your friends are in the same location, staring at the same point, then all of you take a picture. Now, look at the results, they might be different. That’s what we call perspective. And that perspective would determine the line of story that you wanted to create.

Luna Well-being

Luna is a friend of mine. She’s now in her second year at the university pursuing her first Bachelor on Accounting. As the only child, Luna will always be the only priority in her small family – all request for birthday present, annual upgrade to the iPhone Flagship and seasonal update of Zara fashion would be completely granted – the desires that would be forever wishlist for her fellow classmates like me.

However luna need to pay them back to their parent. As the only child, it’s a mandatory for her to be the best child of her parent. She’s pushed to be the best student in university, to get the internship opportunity in the top company and to land her very first job at a large and reputable company.

Unfortunately they are not easy for Luna. She tends to be at home rather than going out with friends. She would also have a problem when there are some group works, due to her preference to not making a lot of friend around. She’s struggling for final exam just with her own self. Further then, we could capture that there’s a change in the way luna behave, especially when she couldn’t get the first place in the campus. She would get stressed and upset because of the anxiety and fear to not fulfilling the high expectation of her parent about her accomplishment.

That’s how we’ve drown the persona of luna. We’ve just made it as a live character. That’s also the output of the first phase or the first “diamond” in the design thinking framework.

Design thinking is a streamlined flow of thinking. It adopts the way the designers think when they are composing a product. It starts from gathering the “feels” or empathy towards an issue they’ve already picked, drawing the persona of the targeted customer, gathering the wide-ranging kind of solution ideas, bringing the “preview” of the product to live in the form of prototype and finally ends by arranging the social business model of the product.

As the industrial engineering student, I have ever got a short introduction about design thinking. But ive never imagined how does it exactly work. After attending this workshop by James Rock from DesignThinker Group, I’ve got more understanding about the whole thing of how to use it in every cases because I directly handed the tools. We were assigned to solve a real social problem and present our proposed solution after walking through the whole process of design thinking framework.

In the workshop we’re accompanied by the student from Loughborough University, Buck and Lee. We were working together in team to create the solution. We did brainstorming and discussion. By that time I learned how to communicate effectively with other student especially from other country. Also, everyone has his/her own way of thinking, so need to understand how to keep the discussion running well.

After all, I do believe that disign thinking is very useful. The method of the workshop was also very interactive and handy. I do want to take deeper attention to the design thinking so that I could apply it in my upcoming career.